In this article, we are going to discuss free SEO tools to use in affiliate marketing to find the best keywords based on affiliate programs to promote using these 2024 SEO tools. All the free tools are given below:

1. Wooranks’s Extension

Enhance your website’s SEO effortlessly using Woorank’s Extension. Elevate visibility, outperform competitors, and optimize your online presence with ease. Upgrade your strategy and boost success now! Wooranks’s Extension provides a list of SEO improvements in seconds.

How to get Woorank: A Paid or Free SEO Tools

Step 1: Visit at

Step 2: Choose the browser: Firefox, Chrome, or Edge Extension.

Step 3: Click on Install & Proceed.

Step 4: Done

2. Detailed SEO extension

Unleash the power of our detailed SEO extension! Enhance your online presence with in-depth SEO analysis, comprehensive audits, and precise recommendations. This user-friendly extension is essential to optimizing effortlessly, enhancing visibility, and staying ahead in the digital landscape. Take complete control of your SEO strategy by installing it now. This will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your website’s performance and a competitive edge in search engine rankings.

Get tons of page-level insights for any URL on the web in 1 second.

How to get visit at (

3. Google’s lighthouse

It offers you a verious metrics related to your site’s performance. Optimize your website’s performance with Google’s Lighthouse! Improve the user experience, boost speed, and enhance SEO. Gain actionable insights for better rankings. Supercharge your site’s success—harness the power of Lighthouse today!

How to get – (Open a URL > inspect > Lighthouse)

4. SEO Quake Extension

Maximize your website’s SEO potential with the SEO Quake Extension! To get better rankings effortlessly, this user-friendly tool delivers real-time audits and actionable insights. Uncover advanced features like keyword analysis and competitor research. Seamlessly integrate SEO best practices into your workflow and watch your organic traffic soar. Install SEO Quake now for a streamlined and results-driven approach to search engine optimization.

Provides site metrics i.e. backlinks, google, index, semrush ranking.

How to get Search in Google i.e > (SEO Quate chrome extension).

5. SimilarWeb

“Get your Website online presence powerful stats with SimilarWeb – your go-to solution for insightful analytics, competitor analysis, and enhanced digital strategy. Uncover valuable insights, stay ahead of the competition, and optimize your web performance effortlessly. Similarweb stats help you increase traffic. It offers an idea of total traffic, source, bounce rate, User Avg. duration spent on the website.

How to get Search in Google i.e > (Similarweb chrome extension).

6. Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic serves as a valuable tool for digital marketers, keyword research, and aiding in social listening. It enables marketers to gather data on their customers’ search queries, enhancing their understanding of user interests based on search trends. It helps generate hundreds of keyword ideas in seconds.

How to use visit

7. RankMath SEO

It provides the best SEO suggestions for WordPress. How to Get (

8. Google Alerts

Sends you alerts for the latest updates about your niche in which you are enrolled!! offcourse its free.

How to use (

5 Benefits of Using Free SEO Tools?

  1. Cost savings using free tools.
  2. Audit your website daily with free SEO tools.
  3. Get your website’s metrics daily.
  4. Detect missing keywords with free SEO tools.
  5. Get website historical data for future growth

Conclusion for using Free SEO TOOLS

In conclusion, this article has delved into the intricacies of 8 free SEO tools for affiliate program promotion, providing valuable insights and actionable tips. As we wrap up, remember to use all these free tools to get traffic and sales using the best tools available in the market. This information is universally applicable, guiding you toward success.

If you have any questions or concerns and want to share information or opinions with us, we will be happy to respond as well as assist you. You can feel free to connect with us anytime. Thank you for your time.